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Principle of Lithotritizing:
The TCS-B Electrohydraulic lithotripter is used under direct visual control of endoscope. The lithotritizing is conducted in electric pulse of lower energy under the electrolyte after the shock wave to lithotritize is formed and the difficult problem will be solved safely and efficiently under the endoscope, which is suitable to each kind of clinical lithotrity.

Lithotritizing under endoscope:
The TCS-B Electrohydraulic lithotripter uses the flexible thin electrode to reach the deeper part of the human body through the inner aperture of endoscope without any influence for the endoscope operation. The TCS-B Electrohydraulic lithotripter can lithotritize at any part of human body under the vision of endoscope. The entire process is carried out under the endoscope, and it is very easy to control the procedure directly and effectively.

Low energy shock wave Lithotritizing:
The treatment electrode has a role of directing the shock wave, which makes the energy of shock wave more concentrated. It only take several tens times to lithotritize for the energy of no more than 1Jr. “the TCS-B Electrohydraulic lithotripter” not only guarantees the necessary energy of lithotritizing but also avoid possible tissue injuries in the treatment procedure。

Lithotritizing and extracting Synchronously:
The lithotritized fragments can be drained out of the body directly with saline, while bigger lithotritized fragments can be extracted by the stone basket smoothly. No residual stones remain, i.e. the fragments extraction is thorough.

Effective and safe:
The clinic experiments and tests have demonstrated that all bile duct visible stones by endoscope can be fragmented and removed in just one time. No visible injuries and side-effects will be caused. Even if the electrode is not pointed at the stone correctly and the energy output is at the highest degree, the bile duct wall will not be injuried significantly. During the procedure all parameters of the patient’s life iedexes are normal.


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