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The wavelength of Holmium Laser is 2.1 μm, at the peak of water absorption. The laser energy can be highly absorbed by water in tissue and calculus. Through small evaporation explosion in stones and parenchyma vaporization, it could be used to shatter stones or conduct tissue incision. As the penetration depth of holmium laser in tissue is less than 0.4mm, there will not be a mistaken incision and perforation or other complications in operation, which assures the operation safety. Holmium laser could be widely used in urinary surgery, dermatology, gynecology, gastroenterology, general surgery, ENT .etc.

Parameters as follows:

Model 40W 70W 80W
Output power 2.5-40W 2.5-70W 2.5-80W
Pulse energy 0.5-4.0J 0.5-4.0J 0.5-4.5J
Repetition rate 5-20Hz 4-40Hz 4-40Hz
Wave length 2100nm
Aiming beam 532nm Green, Optional 635nm Red
Optical fiber 550µm reusable, Optional 800µm and 1000µm and 365µm
Cooling system Built-in water cooling system
Dimensions 89×45×90cm
Weight 130KG 140KG
Power supply AC  220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz, Single phase

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