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How long is recovery after pldd surgery?

Percutaneous laser disc decompression is a method of relieving pressure on nerve roots in the spine.

Apr 12, 2021
BY admin

Percutaneous laser disk decompression, also referred to as PLDD, is a minimally invasive treatment for contained lumbar disk herniation. PLDD surgery was a laser probe is inserted into the intervertebral disc space and laser energy applied for achieving decompression and neuromodulation thereby relieving the pain. By a specially designed laser, with a coefficient of absorbing energy adjusted for soft discus tissue, specific amount of heat is sent to achieve the evaporation of the water from the disc without additional thermal damage thus achieving decompression and creation of a stable intradiscal scar that will prevent herniation from reoccurring.

pldd surgery

In general, the timeline for the entire surgery and recovery is as follows:
1.After obtaining a diagnosis, several conservative treatments may be attempted.
2.If these do not work, a surgical consultation will be scheduled.
3.Close to the date of surgery, you will have a pre-operative appointment
4.The surgery itself usually takes about an hour, and only local anesthetic is needed. Symptoms are often relieved as the surgery takes place.
5.The next day, it is often safe to begin physical therapy.
6.After a week, patients with non-physical jobs can return to work.
7.Several weeks after surgery, there will be a post-operative appointment to assess progress.
8.After 4-6 weeks, patients with physically strenuous jobs can return to work, and patients can resume their full range of physical activities.

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