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Holmium laser surgery procedure

Its effects on lithotripsy are remarkable.

May 26, 2022
BY admin

Holmium Laser HZ Series was used by Urologists to perform "holmium laser lithotripsy" on a patient.

Holmium Laser Surgery Procedure 3

The male patient, due to persistent lower abdominal cramps, went to the hospital for B-ultrasound examination, which showed "double kidney stones" and was admitted to the hospital. The patients underwent routine examinations before operation. During the operation, a calculus of about 0.4×0.6mm in size was seen in the renal pelvis, and the calculi were crushed under the holmium laser, and the larger calculi were removed with forceps. The operation time was 30 minutes. The whole operation was painless and non-invasive. The stones in the body were no longer firm, and they were removed smoothly. There was no pain and discomfort after the operation.

Holmium Laser Surgery Procedure 4

After surgery, need to pay attention to:

  1. Drinking more water is essential in daily life, at least 2000ml a day is preferred.
  2. Maintain a regular diet, avoid overeating, avoid spicy and irritating foods, don't drink alcohol and smoke, don't stay up late and ensure regular exercise.
  3. Do some exercise to enhance physical fitness, such as skipping rope, climbing stairs, hiking, etc.,.
  4. Regularly go to the hospital for a general physical examination to clearly know your physical condition, which can effectively reduce the incidence of stones.
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