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Treatment of piles without surgery

Many people have piles, but the symptoms are not always obvious.

Mar 31, 2021
BY admin
Treatment of piles

Piles is another term for hemorrhoids. Piles are collections of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. They contain blood vessels, support tissue, muscle, and elastic fibers. Piles are a common cause of the discomfort, affecting 75 percent of people within their lifetime. They can also be uncomfortable to talk about, and many people seek the temporary relief provided by ointments and creams in the hope their piles will simply go away so they can avoid the prospect of painful surgery.

In most cases, the symptoms of piles are not serious. They normally resolve on their own after a few days. Most commonly, piles are caused due to a diet with low fiber content as well as insufficient intake of water or fluids. Foods with low fiber content, for example, rice, result in straining and hard stools. The anal canal wall can be damaged by straining and can cause the blood vessels to balloon. The condition can be prevented and even treated by consuming high-fiber foods.

Your doctor might recommend over-the-counter medications if your piles only show mild symptoms. Painkillers, creams, pads, and ointments can help soothe the swelling and redness around the anal region. These medications do not cure the condition but only help with the symptoms. You should not use them for more than a week. Doing so can result in thinning of the skin. If you still don’t get any relief, you should try visiting your doctor.

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