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Focal laser ablation of the prostate

This is a new and exciting concept for prostate cancer treatment.

Jul 21, 2021
BY admin

Focal laser ablation surgery targets the enlarged prostate tissue, and provides fast relief from moderate to severe BPH, with less risk of major bleeding and quick recovery. The laser uses concentrated light to vaporize excess tissue or remove obstructive prostate tissue.

laser ablation

This focal therapy provides a middle ground for men to choose between radical prostatectomy and active surveillance, between doing nothing and losing the prostate. This is a new and exciting concept for prostate cancer treatment.

Focal therapy for the prostate began in the late 1990s; however, there is a very limited number of providers who are trained and skilled enough to perform this procedure. As most urologists do not perform and are not familiar with this procedure, they do not recommend it. Typically trained as urology surgeons, their preferred therapies for prostate are watchful waiting or removal/ radical surgery.

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